22 Nov 2009

Mumeishi 3's 2009

This was a rather short competition. After doing miserably the year before when we had such a good chance and team, I was determined to do better. If you're familiar with this competition you'll know that you're allowed to enter a team of 3, composed of 2 dan grades and 1 kyu grade as members. We always try to field a 'super team', I wasn't on it this time around. I may have been sulking slightly inside, but as far as teams go I never have a problem as to which team I'm placed in. I just hope to get in, do my best for my team ... and that's that. Of course I'm not going to lie that everyone is definitely in it to earn some silverwares, but, I guess it wasn't meant to be that day. We were swiftly knocked out in the prelimenaries, al though I did win my Taisho match. So that's my consolation! Too bad I was quite pumped up too ... next time

Blooper from my opponent:

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