4 Jan 2010

The New Year

So the first practise of 2010 was out of the way. It was an unusually hot January Sunday in Bangkok, and it was rather difficult to breathe inside the dojo as there wasn't much ventilation. The practise still went well nonetheless. Some bloke from Mazda visited, reminded me how to hit sashi men the way I used to ... lately I've been focusing on proper big men cuts, it has somehow slipped off my mind.
After an evening of drinking with my old sensei in Pattaya, discussing kendo, I was constantly trying to maintain my centre in all the ji-keiko I did, with good results I must say. However as always, there's still much to work on. Which brings me to our next agenda ...
During the head of the dojo's new year's speech, he suggested we all make kendo resolutions. So I've been thinking about mine. It defnitely has to be something achievable, in terms of difficulty and time. I've come up with these 5:


  1. Pass 2dan shinsa in February
  2. Win all my matches at the Uni Taikai in March, this year in Edinburgh (hopefully the team will place gold)
  3. Make better use of my size with my seme
  4. Straighter kendo, minimise the flair
  5. Improve speed & leg strength
We'll see how it goes ... wish me luck!

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