1 Nov 2010


Another week passes as I search for a job. If anyone reading this is a banker, give me a job please.
At least I've now renewed the contract for my flat so I don't have to deal with the whole moving + flat hunting gore.

One of the main problem with my kendo at present is my concentration. I don't normally have a short attention span, and I wouldn't say I don't concentrate whilst doing kendo ... but it is really difficult to keep absolutely focus and be a 100% ready to attack/react at will say ... 2 minute into a jigeiko. It is mentally tiring to do so. I never take much notice of the concept before: I would normally crack out some moves, and generally play at my own pace. My sparring partner can attack, I may or may not react, I can block ... dodge ... counter ... then when I feel like I'm ready I apply my own pressure. This is apparently not the healthiest route for your kendo. Clearly.
It has come to my attention because recently ever since the second gasshuku in Fukuoka, people have generally been impressed at the level of improvement I've achieved. The comments have moved on from the physical side of kendo, to the technical/mental side. This is where it gets tricky. People can try to tell you what to do, but they can't exactly say how or show you as it is rather intangible.
The latest catch phrase is this: "Chris has glimpses/moments of brilliance". Well fuck me silly and call me bob if I know how to maintain these 'moments' of brilliance. Hell I'll do it all the time and be super awesome. I reckon, it is related to my concentration. If I can concentrate, I'll operate at my best. Often my laziness gets synonymously lumped with my lack of concentration, it may have something to do with it, but I don't think they should be confused with one another. Laziness is just an unwillingness to move, or do anything for that matter. Whereas concentration comes and goes in lapses, they're usually a quick rest before I switch on again.
Bob (yes, real one this time) has mentioned it, Hiro has said it ... so has Junji after I beat him in shobu. (Our new addition to UCL by the way, he rocks! Kicked my arse half way around the world last week). Joe has always said it, "out of the corner of my eye, for a second you looked like Honda sensei". I just need to concentrate ... the question remains, how do I focus my mind, and maintain this?

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