20 Dec 2010

Winter in the Kok

So I'm back in Thailand, and what have we learned? My first keiko was at Chula. Everyone said I had improved which got me chuffed to bits. Good morale boost and representation of UCL Kendo! To be fair most people there were either my level or lower. So yesterday when I went to the first usual Sunday keiko at the Japanese School, I was swiftly brought back down to Earth. The joys of getting creamed by 5-7 Dans.

It was Yamamoto sensei's last practise.

He's moving to Singapore. I've always enjoyed playing him, so it's a shame. Best of luck to him.

I started off with a quick bash with P'Prem. He has certainly improved whilst I was away. Solid would be the best description of his kendo at the moment. I used to be able to get his men from tohma, but now his kamae has more of a presence. Basically his chushin has become stronger. Good fight, his comment after our keiko was that my kote was bloody fast. Fast enough to take him aback, however, the contact wasn't great and I should've aligned my body straighter so that I can go for kote-men. This means bringing back my left foot, to get it ready for the next cut, exactly as Junji said before I left London. I suppose I could, but by forcing for it to be straight, my new found kote speed will surely be jeopardised. Prang also mentioned that it is now beautiful (finally, it's always been my dream to have awesome kote because Dave did it so well, even though Men is my bread and butter)

I'll find a way ...

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